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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Red Shoes And Dorothy: Curvy Girl and Halloween

My Halloween distraction

Curvy Girl and Halloween

Curvy Girl and Halloween

Despite knowing some delightful Americans, I am not a great fan of American culture and Halloween is just one such craze I detest.  That horrid realisation after a long day at work that it's the 31st,  and ‘Other People’s Children’ (mostly taller than me) will knock my door for treats, dripping in fake blood and realistic massacre induced attire. My dogs will bark themselves hoarse in terror, and I will nervously await ‘Freddie’ to finish me off. (Did I say I dislike their films also?) And worse.  I have forgotten to purchase the contents of a confectionary warehouse to appease the ‘not so little’ dears.

Pumpkin Soup Recipe.

Now back in the day, your Mother would throw half an old paint sheet over you with two holes for you to see out, possibly a plastic ‘false face’ held on with a piece of elastic, and you were rewarded at each door with either a handful of monkey nuts, or (drum roll) An Apple.  But only if you were happy to dunk for it in a plastic baby bath or nappy bucket. Probably a health and safety issue now…and the apples would be returned by a disappointed recipient through your windows these days.

Tunic by Tu at Sainsbury's 

 But I am open to trying homemade pumpkin soup. Recipe in hand, I popped into my local Sainsbury to buy one, and was slightly distracted by the ‘25% off all clothes’ banner.  I felt a twinge of guilt, but it was the banner that lured me, and loving burgundy at the moment, was drawn to this little tunic dress.  At £15 after their discount, I would happily wear it for dog walking, but it looks FAB.  And top with a leather jacket or long cardigan.  As you all know, I love fur, and anything tactile, so although I didn't need another leather jacket, chasing after someone I spotted in Cambridge wearing THIS one from River Island, with its burgundy FUR collar, I had to have it!  Not easy, as it was sold out online but I am determined if nothing else and hope you think it was worth a week of begging calls to shops and friends across the country to find it – finally in Sheffield.  (Thanks to Martyn’s parents – whom I haven’t even met…)

River Island faux fur and leather

So with my Clark’s black suede shoe/boot and opaque tights I was pretty set to go. Oh and like the sweets – I forgot the pumpkin…..!!
John Lewis tights

Chorus Spirit - Clarks

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